London by Night

Part 2 of our little getaway in London. We went for a quick easy dinner at Jamie's diner pop up restaurant as the theatre already started at 19.30, so we couldn't go for a long dinner. But hey, nothing wrong with burgers and ribs. I liked the style and it was honest food with strong Jamie-style Asian influenced flavours.

After we walked to the Noel Coward theatre to go see 'Henry V', the elegant revival of Shakespeare's piece on nationhood between the French and the English. For us not being native speakers, it was not always easy to follow all second and third levels in the play, but still the message came across, and it was a piece with lots of humour (basically they laugh with the French). And I'm not gonna bullshit you, Jude Law is not difficult to look at, even if you don't speak a word of English. That was a very good idea of my love. In the UK, they eat ice cream in the break and you can bring your drink into the theatre, that was cool too. I was not allowed to take pictures of Jude Law, that was not cool.

After we walked back into Chinatown, because Lolo (via his friend Xavier from Wallflower Bar & Restaurant in NYC. Be sure to check it out when in NYC) arranged for us to go to the 'secret' cocktail club The ECC (Experimental Cocktail Club, with branches in Paris and NYC). From the outside you cannot see there is a bar, it is just an old door next to a restaurant, but behind it, cocktail heaven awaits. Don't expect to find your mojito's and caipirinha's here, but you will find cocktails with original ingredients and homemade infusions served in vintage cocktail glasses. Oh and the bar has a built-in piano, very nice. It has a cool atmosphere, like you are invited to a secret bar in the prohibition era.
It was the perfect evening out for us - lovebirds.

The photos in the bar are a bit blurry, but we had a few drinks :) and they look artyfarty hihi
All pictures by The 3L Syndrome, except 19 & 20