The 31 day Challenge: The photos

I must admit it was not easy holding on to this challenge, my plan to get to know my camera did not happen, somehow I did not find the time or the courage to sit down and get into the details of all the items and options...
I tried to take a step back and capture the person I am today, the life I lead and the people closest to me (although I would have liked more photos with my man). I tried to find things that define me at this point in my life, seems like I am a mommy and wife most of all. And I am pretty happy with that role. There is a time for everything.
I'm not 20 anymore physically nor mentally, but quite frankly, I would not want to be it either. So I'll embrace the little lines under my eyes, because they are proof of my life, my emotions and my experiences, good and bad.
(PS: the picture I'm holding in one of the pictures hereunder was taken almost 10 years ago)

and now we 're done with the selfies! Pfieuw