Hometour: The Living Room

On with the home tour in 2014: Today our living room. The space in our house where we relax on the sofa, talk, sometimes eat, work on the blog in my little home office space. A place where we can be together as a family. In the beginning when we lived here, we only had the sofa and another coffee table in place, over the years (almost 3) we personalised the living room with vintage finds (the desk, the tomado), some new items, some memories, some art and some photos. And not to forget, Olivia's toy corner under the stairs - she can play anywhere she wants with her toys but it is nice that at the end of the day, when she sleeps, we still have an 'adult' space that is to our taste. We recently added the new coffee table and the carpet. For us, it is perfect now. Although the dream is still to have a real fireplace in the future.