A Sunday in Food Pictures

Sundays are weird days - I never know if I should be very active of very lazy. Anyway, Sunday is a day for good food, there is no doubt about that.
This morning we started the day with a nice breakfast with scrambled eggs, Greek yoghurt, fresh bread and fresh juice. Nothing better to start the day than a good old 3L Syndrome breakfast.
While the baby napped, I baked pistachio & almond biscuits for the 4 o'clock Sunday delight.
And for dinner, husband made a very yummie slow cooked rabbit ragout with home made papardelle.
All that is good for the heart & the senses.

I will leave you to survive this blue Monday with the pistachio & almond biscuits recipe, inspired by the Kinfolk Table, Recipes for Small Gatherings.
Long live the weekend!
(For 12 cookies)
70 gr of butter
50 gr of sugar
105 fr of flour
30 gr pistachios, finely ground
30 gr blanched almonds, finely ground
some vanilla powder
Grated zest of 1/2 lemon
Icing sugar for dusting
Mix everything together in a food processor
divide into 12 little balls and bake 15 min on 180°C