Sunday Getaway: Belgium is Best

A little chauvinism is in place here: We do have great products over here in Belgium. 
Belgium is more than beer, mussels and chocolate.
Lolo's friend wanted to prove that and started an 'all Belgian' bar and grocery.
We discovered all sorts of products I didn't even know existed, like Belgian Whiskey & Gin.
They also make fresh sandwiches with all local cheeses and 'charcuterie'
A good place for after work apero or a fresh lunch while discovering new drinks and goodies.


New at the house

This weekend we went to get a second hand original 'Tomado' in the Netherlands that we bought on the internet. The Saturday afternoon was spent rearranging the whole living area (again). It seems cosier now. We are quite happy with the result. It brings some colour accents in our overall white interior.

Food Lately at our house

Mostly healthy nowadays

**Goatcheese/egg/tomato breakfast mason jars** for a hearty breakfast

** Salmon spiced with dill, couscous and a light yoghurt dressing**

**cheesecake in a jar, topped with home made passion fruit coulis**

**Improvised noodle soup with beef, cilantro and green asparagus**
**Danish Style breakfast plate at home**

**Boeuf Stroganoff, Jamie Oliver Style**

**Sesame Salmon & Cod (with sesame oil, lemon zest & ginger),
crunchy vegetables and noodles**

**Organic Farfalle with mushrooms, cottage cheese and truffle oil, accompanied by a baby spinach, apple, hazelnut and gorgonzola salad**

**Poached chicken, garlic croutons and purslane salad**

Sunday Getaway: Design market & Art Brussels