Food Lately at our house

Mostly healthy nowadays

**Goatcheese/egg/tomato breakfast mason jars** for a hearty breakfast

** Salmon spiced with dill, couscous and a light yoghurt dressing**

**cheesecake in a jar, topped with home made passion fruit coulis**

**Improvised noodle soup with beef, cilantro and green asparagus**
**Danish Style breakfast plate at home**

**Boeuf Stroganoff, Jamie Oliver Style**

**Sesame Salmon & Cod (with sesame oil, lemon zest & ginger),
crunchy vegetables and noodles**

**Organic Farfalle with mushrooms, cottage cheese and truffle oil, accompanied by a baby spinach, apple, hazelnut and gorgonzola salad**

**Poached chicken, garlic croutons and purslane salad**