Sunday Cakeday

Lemoncake with Nectarine
Apple Pecan cake
Coffee cake
Dark Chocolate Brownies

On Going Out Sometimes

Yesterday I went to a concert with my good friend Laura. It had been a while since I did that.  And since the bumblebee, it doesn't happen a lot any more, which is completely fine.
But I must say I enjoyed my night out. And it was surprising to see that there is still a whole scene of people who go out on weekdays. I know I probably sound like a complete 'desperate housewife' now and probably I am most of the time (and liking it), but it was nice chatting with my friend, drinking beer and listening to some good music.

By the way, we went to see SX, a Belgian magnetic indiepop band. I would add a lot of 80'ties influences and a powerful front woman to the description! They played at Het Depot, a concert venue in Leuven that used to be a cinema.

Music is so important in life. There is a song for every mood. 
I love that!
O already knows her classics.


This weekend!

 ** Food Friday to Sunday: Short grilled tuna with a green bean salad / Home made nasi goreng / Cherry tomato- pine nuts - rucola pasta /Honey-Apple Valentine heart cake / slow cooked chicken filled with sundried tomato-ricotta-rucola filling with a Mozzarella -basil mash potato / Fennel-Pastis-Saffron soup with baked chorizo **
** Olivia made her first drawing for us at the day care, for our Valentines day. Sweet!
Sunday, sun was out so we went for a walk with the grandparents and it was O's first time on the swing.**

Le Carnaval de Petti

This afternoon the Petti & me had our own little "carnival" party! Her first one, and mine too, in fact!
It was so funny, with her hat on, her angel wings and her eyes full of happiness.

she also needed to disguise herself for carnival at the creche!
So we turned her into a little Pocahontas