Week nights with friends

It's nice to have friends over in the middle of the week!
On the menu :
  • Tagine of lamb shoulder with vegetables (celery, carrot, pumpkin, courgette, aubergine)
  • Coffee cake
  • Good company


Weekend snacks and naps

This weekend was all about chilling. 
A good thing, because my energy level is quite low these days. Winter times...
We napped on the sofa, the baby sleeping peacefully on me, I loved that.

That doesn't happen a lot any more. These pictures are from when we woke up.
Watched old movies with Doris Day and Clark Gable.  
We ate snowy and rainy day meals: home made galette bretonne, Lolo's French onion soup, Sunday's peche & almond cake, salmon tartare on toast, Lolo's special tuna sandwich. All very yummie.
O. also made Dora bleed as you can see in the picture (That's my girl) and she put on some music of Brel, all by herself. She also started clapping her hands this weekend. 
A 3L syndrome weekend: with food and good easy times with the 3 of us.

walks in the snow

Even when it is -5°C outside, it is important to get some fresh air, for me as well as for Olivia. So yesterday we got our snow boots, ear warmers, and coats on and went for a walk in our neighbourhood! When everything is white outside I like to cook food with bright colours and lots of vitamins, like roasted cherry tomato soup with basil and big 'croutons'. Perfect after a wintery walk! Yum!
We also had some winter comfort food (less vitamins) with a little spaghetti Scampi Diabolique.


The Charm of Old Fashioned Fun

On Friday I went bowling with my colleagues at an old bowling centre in Leuven.
It looks like time stood still there, it is still the same as the day it opened.
And that is just fine, that's how a bowling place should be, it even smells old.
For me all the charm lies in the fact that I can pretend I am in an old village somewhere in the middle of nowhere in America. Bowling has a real Americana feel to it, in my opinion. That's why I like it, although I suck at it - big time, that is-.

Another old fashioned fun activity: Tonight my love and I had a date night at the movie theater, we went to see 'Django Unchained'. I'm not gonna write a review about the movie, because I never read movie reviews myself, but I do want to get something off my chest about the whole movie experience. What the F happened to the charm of going to the movies? No more people who serve you nachos and the famous cheese dip & jalapeƱos), they have been replaced by bags of nachos and plastic cups of cheese dip under a heat lamp. No more coca cola in a large cup with a straw, but plain supermarket bottles. And what is worse, in the old days you had the commercials before the movie started to look forward to, because mostly they were creative and you couldn't see them on tv, now we had a commercial for a local car wash. Imagine that, together with some motion picture trivia and some bad movie trailers. Easy to see why less and less people bother to go to the cinema, and prefer to stay at home where you can skip the commercials and sit in your comfy sofa with no chewing gum on the seat.
Luckily the movie itself and the company made up for it!
but what happened to the red velvet seats?