Weekend snacks and naps

This weekend was all about chilling. 
A good thing, because my energy level is quite low these days. Winter times...
We napped on the sofa, the baby sleeping peacefully on me, I loved that.

That doesn't happen a lot any more. These pictures are from when we woke up.
Watched old movies with Doris Day and Clark Gable.  
We ate snowy and rainy day meals: home made galette bretonne, Lolo's French onion soup, Sunday's peche & almond cake, salmon tartare on toast, Lolo's special tuna sandwich. All very yummie.
O. also made Dora bleed as you can see in the picture (That's my girl) and she put on some music of Brel, all by herself. She also started clapping her hands this weekend. 
A 3L syndrome weekend: with food and good easy times with the 3 of us.