Stars Hollow

Every year in the month of October, I feel like I need some extra cosiness and to create a little world around me that doesn't really exist. (Like foreplay on Christmas) This is also the time that I start watching my DVD’s of the Gilmore Girls again for the 24th time.(Yes, I am a girl and I watch these kind of series).
Just because the characters live in this fairy tale village, with lots of community spirit and pumpkin carving, Halloween dress up contests, lights in the trees everywhere, dance recitals on the gazebo and a diner where you are always welcome for a coffee and a donut. Some sort of magical, warm world. that doesn't exist. I long to live in a place like that, but instead I will keep dreaming in my bed, watching some late night DVD’s, and create a sort of fairy tale in my own world, with the people I love.