working half-time, full-time mommy

I am so grateful to be able to work half-time to be with my little honeybee.
I started working 80% after my maternity leave, but after a week I realized that this wasn't the way it should be. I wanted to have quality time with my baby while she is so small, and enjoy every moment and every 'first' of her young life. So I asked to go work half days for a few months (and luckily In Belgium that is possible through parental leave). Since this decision, the balance between work and family has been perfect. I still have my social contacts, the challenge of working, but also the time I want with my mini-me, the time to organise our life (read: housework), to cook for our little family and to have some quality time with my man. 
So in fact it makes our whole life better.
 And I realised it again this week while working full days exceptionally: you get home, get the baby, rush to the shop (because of course you always forget something at the supermarket, even if you make good lists), bathe & feed the baby and she is off to bed. No time to enjoy or for playing, big laughs, walks, visits of family & friends. Just rushing & rushing.

I just wanna give a big shout out to all full time working mommies out there! Respect, Girls!