Girl Trip Nostalgia : Part 1 Indonesia

"My travel buddy Laura & myself have been friends for over 10 years now and we started travelling together in 2007. I have always loved these girl trips and we have seen wonderful things together.
Now we are both settled and travelling together is a bit more difficult, but I am sure we will do a girl trip again, maybe not so far, and not so long, but it will be fun anyway."

In 2010 we went to Indonesia, and to be more precise to Java, Bali and Lombok.
We saw luxury and poverty, dirty streets filled with people, cars, scooters and walked through nice green rice terraces with not a human being in sight .
Paradise beaches and unbelievable sunsets. 
A rich culture and lots of Buddha's.
The music with the little bells will stay in my ears forever.
We slept in 5star hotels, hostels with cockroaches, in dirty beds, boat houses on the water and on buses.
We travelled by plane, boat, scooter, buses, Jeep and normal cars.
We had massages, foot massages, manicures, pedicures and hair treatments.
There were good times and bad times ( because I can be a drama queen)
But all in all, it was unforgettable.
I love Asia


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