Garden Love July 2012

This year has been a weird year for our garden. We had all sorts of plans to make the perfect vegetable garden with a lot of different vegetables producing in different months of the year, but with the coming of our little baby, it became more difficult to take care of the garden like we wanted too. But all in all, and considering the bad weather this spring and summer, I think we still can be happy with the produce of our small garden. We have green and yellow courgettes, different kinds of salads, Basque and Spanish peppers, tomatoes ( for the moment 1 red), radishes, orange, purple and white carrots, strawberries.
We have green beans, spring onions and fall raspberries on the way, yoohoo! So much cooler to eat things from your own garden.
I hope our little one will enjoy being in the garden too when she grows older.
She already has the right footwear!

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