Food Lately at our house / Coriander edition

Here are three dishes with a bit of the same ingredients, but all very tasty and still different.

 (Tzatziki, the new way, tomato salad and brochette of chicken, marinated in greek yoghurt, ginger, lemon grass, olive oil, coriander, garlic, chilly flakes, served with flatbread)

 Pangasius with coriander, cherry tomatoes, ginger, coconut milk and lemon, served with yasmin rice (just add some yasmin tea in the boiling water)

Squid cones filled with schrimps, tomatoes, red bell pepper, garlic, olive oil and coriander (all in the blender), heat in the oven.

All accompanied by a lovely fruity Rosé d'Anjou

(Thanks to 'Puur genieten'-Pascale Naessens for Inspiration)

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