A nice stayover

This weekend we went for the first time on a little getaway with our daughter.
First time in the car for a few hours, first time in a hotel, first time travelling with a baby for us.
I feel a new globetrotter has been born! Yoohoo!

We stayed at the designy & vintage B&B Suite 17 in Nieuwpoort, recommended to us by friends.
I could live in that house, all the furniture is carefully chosen and the atmosphere is just right. 
The host Sean is very friendly and prepares a very nice breakfast.

It was a very nice weekend, we were lucky with the weather and had a nice dinner at Flavies Tafel, very honest food with fresh fish. Their potato mash with mozzarella & basil was really yummie. 


Note: I must admit that the baby did not sleep as well as normal. She started sleeping well, when we were out of the bed and having breakfast. I think she wanted to have the bed to herself.
Oh, yes and the food:

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