The Magic of Palm Springs

Last year during our West USA road trip, our first stop was Palm Springs. We were immediately overwhelmed by the atmosphere, the sun, the palm trees, the architecture and the nice hotels.
The last few weeks I have been dreaming about this place constantly, I would really like to go again for a little romantic getaway. So we are going back to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, that will be in 3 years. Enough time to save up money! We will go back to the same hotel, the same room, the Horizon Hotel and we will have dinner in the typical diner of the Ace Hotel, next door.
Palm Springs really makes me dream about the fifties, the glory days of Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable.At the moment, I am also very much into the faded colours of that decade. You can see that in my choice of nail polish and the new cover of my I-phone.
What triggered my missing Palm Springs was an article in one of my favourite magazines, The Good Life (full of stuff I cannot afford), which also featured a review of the album of Lana Del Rey, who was named after a typical 50'ties Chevrolet, the Delray. I still don't know whether I like her or not, but her song 'Blue Jeans' really reminds me of Palm Springs and the sexiness and mystery of the place. Of course, the video helps to create that feeling.
 Well, It is no secret. I love Palm Springs!
Please don't change!

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