New at the house

As summer doesn't want to join us here in Belgium this year, we decided to work a bit on our interior in the dining room. We have a very big white wall in our dining room, that we already decorated with the 'Balloon Girl" tag from Banksy. But we thought it needed something more.We had these wooden crates and so we hung them on the wall.

We also wanted a dedicated space for our cooking and travel books.
To keep the balance between the wood in our interior, and the metal feet of the white Eames (replica) chairs and the diamond chair replica of Bertoia, a metal book rack seemed the best option.(Inspired by my friend Laura who has the huge version of the book rack and she arranged all the books by color, very pretty.)
And it worked out fine.

In our living room we have a cardboard crib for our little one, that I have found on the internet.
I didn't want a traditional crib, since it would not go with our interior. This one she can use later to put her dolls and she can color it in every color she wants. Cute, no?
And she sleeps like a rose in it.

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