Beebeekes Hospital Bag

At 3 weeks (or less, who knows) from the end of her stay in my belly, it was time to get beebeekes bag & things organised. (I will do a post on my bag later on). I must say - her bag turns out to be a pretty big deal - no light travel for this little lady.
 This is her hospital & future diaper bag, pretty nice hè
 She will have a choice of things to wear when she gets out
 A nice nest in the Maxicosi to bring her home safely
 And she will already have some friends to keep her company.

I have done some research on what to take to the hospital- and I think we over-packed - but at least it is done.
Tomorrow my last day working, and then I will put my feet up, get some last things done and wait for this little mermaid to come.
And yes, I am scared for what is to come.

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