O & her aunties



A day in pictures: My 31st Birthday

 This morning I woke up to the smell of churros con chocolate.
It is my favourite breakfast stuff - and my man made them for me to start off the day of 
my 31st Birthday.

 I also got these fabulous shoes
The weather was on my side today so we went for a walk with this little bee
O & Me were wearing something 'asorti'
 Tonight we had the first BBQ of the year with a nice light dinner together with my parents.
It was a nice day xxx

Family Picknick

Only one year ago we did picknicks as a couple.
Now we do them as a family.
It is still lots of fun.




 We finally got around to working a little bit in our garden today. We hung the "grow" and "eat" signs and the newcomers were planted. It was a very nice spring day today, so that meant eating some summery food. I'm really looking forward to enjoying and eating a lot of things from our garden this summer.
Trout-potato salad with mint and dill
Grilled green asparagus
Sloe Lemonade with blueberry and mint icecubes

Sunday in color

This Sunday started out very sunny and even warm, so we decided it was time for our little bee's first walk outside. I think she enjoyed the fresh air after 2 whole weeks of being stuck inside.
I'm wearing my new full colour pull that my mother-in-law knitted for me.
After the walk we had lunch outside in our garden with roasted chicken from the market and a great salad full of colour. We also have some new chillies from the Pays Basque to plant in our garden: greens and reds. Even my girl was in full colour today!