The Third Trimester

By Lisa

Beebeeke ( in case you start to wonder, no this is not gonna be her name) & I have finally reached the 3rd Trimester. 2/3rds of the way are behind us, 1/3rd  is still to go. I hope that this one is going to move fast, because I cannot wait to meet this little bumble bee. I already feel like I know her- I cannot even imagine things without her any more, and I haven't even seen her yet.
I have waited a long time for that 'mother feeling', but now I even get emotional just being in her room with all her little stuff, that have been chosen with great care and love by her daddy & myself.
Her room that is getting filled up with more and more cute things every day.
There is definitely something going on here what no one can understand - it's like a pact between beebeeke and me. We share one body, after all.
Hang in there, beebee! We can do it!
 Little pink boots, just like mom. P i n k
 Her first little clothes -  with on the right the first little dress she got from my parents. So beautiful and yes, pink
 Bumble bees need lots of stuff
I'm becoming a softie, but I'm still c o o l, right? Hihi


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