Best of 2011

I am very grateful for the year 2011. It was the best year ever.
Here some highlights.... (but there are so many more...)

1. ***February***: My lovely boyfriend moved to Belgium. The beginning of our life together. Happy!
2. ***April***: We went to London for our 1st anniversary.
3. ***April***We bought a house together. We were not looking for a house, but we saw it and 5 hours later we had signed. Call us impulsive people!
4. ***May***: After 30 years, my parents gave me a brother in the form of a doggie (their doggie)
5. **May***: Grass & vegetables are growing in our garden
6. **May***: My 30th B-day in New York was magical and I was very spoilt by my man.
7. ***August***: The best Roadtrip ever through the USA
8. ***August***: My man asked me to marry him in the middle of a fairy landscape. I said yes.
9. ***September***: We are pregnant!!!!

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