Childhood Nostalgia

I was in a very nostalgic mood today because I saw a picture on pinterest of the cream 'n peach barbie that I use to have when I was a little girl. Well, I think I had almost everything of Barbie when I was small, because my parents and grandparents bought me everything I could dream of. Call me spoilt.
The Skipper Scooter

My father made me 2 houses like this, because I had too many barbies
Except barbie, I also had some other collections
My Little Pony, they still smell like they used to

Fisher Price

Popples and Twinkle Pinkles
Some Forgotten Things
Kinder Surprise with things in to build
Punica, I drank liters and liters of this.
 When Twix was still Raider
Tetris on the Gameboy for hours
& Of course not to be forgotten LEGO & Noppers

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