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Where is the pink cloud?

As a pregnant woman, a lot of emotions come your way. And they are not always positive, even when you are happy with the baby. I read something funny the other day that pretty much explains it.
“The decision to have a baby is a lot like the decision to move to Spain. Spain sounds cool, other people like Spain. It would be fun to move to Spain! Then you buy the plane ticket and Spain starts to seem a little scary. You’ll have to learn a new language! They eat snails! Didn’t someone once tell you that people in Spain don’t shower that often? Come to think of it, moving to Spain and having a baby have a lot in common.”
 It's like society wants you to feel guilty about everything you are feeling. I just want to break the bubble, that being pregnant is amazing the first 3 months, because it is not. And help other women not to feel guilty, like I felt for several months, about not being on the pink cloud.

And most importantly keep away of the women with the “Miracle of Life Syndrome.” Every little gas pain and tummy rumble is special. They feel like they’re “glowing” and just love every last bit of pregnancy, right down to the haemorrhoids. You do not want to be friends with these women. They will brag about “easy” labours. Their babies will sleep through the night by the end of the first week. Worst of all? She’ll be fitting into her “skinny jeans” by her six week postpartum checkups. Never trust a woman that can fit into her skinny jeans that quickly. Unless your name is Victoria Beckham.
Women are devious. Instead of helping eachother through this period of time ,they are trying to make you feel guilty, 
You see, many people view that belly as a way to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do.  I don’t know how many times I walked into a coffee shop only for them to ask me if I wanted my drink “decaf.” Uh, no. If I wanted my drink without the “good stuff” in it, I would have told you so. Also, why are you looking at me strange? What? You don’t allow cigar smoking inside Starbucks? Okay, fine.
Now we have arrived in week 15 and my pre-baby blues has gone for the most of it. I almost feel normal again but I'm still very tired. But I feel happier and more positive.
More excited about our new life! Of course, everybody is afraid of change and to leave all what you know behind. It all needed some time. It stays very scary to bring a new life in to this world and all the responsibilities that go along with it. But I am sure that my love and me are up to the challenge! So, we cannot wait to meet our little beebeeke!

I can listen to the baby's heartbeat with the angelsounds.
He/She sounds like the ocean...We like.

Thanks to babygaga for the inspiration


  1. I liked your article. There are some undefined feelings under the words. I am hoping that I might be in the same situation and fighting for my baby too. At the moment I am following family balancing process by step which is really effective.

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