Garden Love: Garden Style

Hello Garden Lovers!
Here is a new episode of the Garden Love.
Although the weather has been really bad here in Belgium this summer, the garden is blooming!
Lisa the little garden princess...
...with the pink boots & gloves!

Last week we had an overload of rucola (roquette) salad, so we decided to do something clever with it: rucola pesto to freeze...
Rucola, basilicum, olive oil,some pinenuts in the blender
 And then you put them in an ice cube tray so you can use them in individual portions.

We also had an abundance of tomatoes in the fridge so we decided to make some real tomato sauce with nothing but tomatoes, onion, garlic and basilicum, also to freeze. Njam and very healthy.

We also celebrated the eating of the first courgette (zucchini) from our own garden. Well, the green monsters are taking over the whole vegetable garden, so we will have hundreds of them very soon.

And of course we made some nice dishes this weekend, with herbs and vegetables from the garden.

Here are some other stars of our garden!

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