Vitamin Sea in Bali

A long overdue photo diary post about our days spent at the beach in Bali. Ooh if I could go back now! For a massage, or a real fruit platter, or a day well spent at the swimming pool, or the beach, or a late night stroll to the laundry place (oh the smell of their softener) Or just some days doing nothing..
We spent some days at Seminyak, which is not my favorite destination but it had some cool restaurants and our hotel was also superb. The rest of the time we went to other, more 'hidden' beaches where we were almost alone, and really had that paradise feeling we were looking for.
It already seems so long ago... Where to next????????


  1. These pictures are really beautiful and the place looks so amazing that it makes me want to go there so badly.Glad to know that you had fun,and you had such an amzing trip.

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