Silver Lining

This weekend we made a trip to the Netherlands, because we wanted to show The Efteling to Lolo's sister and her family. But it seemed like the day was doomed, first Lolo had to go to work to solve some problems, then we forgot to lock the front door, then we realized we forgot Lolo's wallet, because of that Lolo's sister realized she forgot the Efteling tickets and then on top of all that, my car broke down on the way there (Luckily we were travelling with 2 cars). But after we had settled all these small problems (at least we were all healthy and we still kept our sense of humor)we continued our trip with 1 car, went swimming at the hotel to relax, had a nice dinner at Strijp S (Ketelhuis) and went to the fair ground close to the hotel and still managed to have a good time, before continuing our trip to the Efteling the next day. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, someone said.

PS: 2 years ago we also went to Strijp, if you would like to see

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