Dirty Thirty Dancing Brunch

This weekend we helped 2 young women of 30 celebrate the start of a new era with a special brunch for their friends and family. They are into dance movies - so we did a subtle Dirty Dancing / Grease theme.
For the food we focused mainly on what they liked to see on their special buffet and we came up with this menu:

Fresh still lemonade with ginger, mint, lemon, lime, rhubarb bitters and pomegranate
Home made mini cheese burgers
Italian penne salad with rocket salad, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts and green pesto
New York Style bagel with a poached egg, herby cream cheese, smoked salmon and baby spinach
Morroccan bread with 3 different home made dips: red beet / hummus /sesame - red bell pepper / hummus & grilled vegetables tapenade.
Assorted cheese and cold cuts
Pecan Danish
Greek yoghurt with homemade granola
Winter fruit salad with kiwi, apple, pear, clementines and pomegranate
American super fluffy pancakes with maple syrup
(Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of our tasty burgers and bagel - grrrr)
Happy Birthday, Girls!

Photos by me and Fadil Altinisik
Location: 't Zwak Moment


  1. Zag er weer heerlijk uit! Wanneer doe je nog eens een eventje of zo dat ik jouw talent kan komen ontdekken ;-)

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  3. We had a very nice bday lisa! Tnx for letting us have a great day with excellent food, nicely decorated location and good atmosphere �� we would surely recommend the 3l syndrome!!

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