The year of The 3L Syndrome

Now that December has started, I thought this would be a good time to look back on this past year.
At the end of last year, I felt the need to take The world of The 3L Syndrome a step further with doing what we love: cooking and organising small events. We did a little try out last winter and I really liked the feeling it gave me and the energy I got from it. Of course the week before each event, I'm stressed and I think: Why am I doing this again? But when it is over, it really gives me this feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. I love putting menu's together and thinking about the location, the decoration and the small touches I like to add to every single event. 2016 was the year of brunches, dinners, aperitivo's, picnics, musical afternoons and parties and we are already excited for what is to come in 2017. Thanks for your support this year and we hope to see you next year again at one of our events.
Or if you organise something, and you would like The 3L Syndrome Food, do contact us!
Happy december!

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