The Christmas Bucketlist

It's time to talk about my...
 My Christmas Bucket list 2016
1. Put a real christmas tree (or two) because the kid wanted one too
2. Eat Spaghetti Bolo at de Patattenzak - for me THE Christmas place and the closest feeling of an American diner I can find here
3. Eat Toteman (special bread from the area) for breakfast in the happy season as a family tradition
4. Go Ice skating with the kid
5. Stroll around the Christmas Market in my hometown

1 to 5 I can already cross off my list! So it is a good start! By next week I hope to get some other ones crossed off. Well, it is not about crossing off stuff of my list, it is about creating a happy month and family traditions, so my girl will have great memories of the holiday season to hold on to forever and for us too of course. My man and Olivia on the ice this weekend was so cute! She was such a good sport. Sunday morning we got the toteman, the special bread with raisins - baked in a wood oven and had breakfast with hot chocolat milk. Sunday afternoon, we got some of our shopping done and went to Brussels to eat spaghetti at de Patattenzak! The weekend has done us good, after a week full of sickness and low energy levels.

 6. Bake a pecan pie 
7. Go and see the lights of the overdecorated houses in the neighbourhood
8. Eat raclette in a chalet
9. Re-read Augie Wren's Christmas Story by Paul Auster in the bathtub surrounded by candles
10. Make a camp and sleep in the living room and watch Christmas movies all night (I taped Grumpy Cat's worst christmas - my husband can't wait :))

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