Pumpkin patch traditions

As every October since we had our daughter, we went to the pumpkin patch this weekend. I love this place and it feels good to return every year with Olivia and I hope it will be something fun she remembers from her childhood. Walking in the fields, fresh air and my daughter in her rubber boots, and her inner 'Peppa Pig' jumping in the mud puddles - these things make me so happy! She was more interested in the wild flowers and the wheelbarrow, but that's okay. It's about doing things as a family.
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When the summer was still Indian

A few weeks ago we went to Maastricht on a lazy Sunday. The temperatures were still pleasant, a little breeze in our hair, terraces still full with people enjoying , no need for tights, drinks outside and then...in the next few days....bam...Autumn demanded her place. But I was ready for it, and I'm happy for it: falling leaves, beautiful colors, warm ginger tea, fluffy socks, sweater weather, no excuses needed to stay indoors, and of course food. Autumn is so inspiring for food! Can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch, make beautiful soups, some game, some beautifully colored veggies and host a fall dinner party! Summer's gone, Queen Autumn reigns!

Carpe that F***ing Diem

Saturday we hosted our very first dinner party for a very special woman. She wanted a party that breathed her life motto 'Carpe Diem' - seize the day. She told me 2 key words: Italian & vintage, so it became a vintage Italian party. Italian food with vintage accessories: From old style tomato cans to Italian lemonades with pin-ups, Aperol Spritz to Bellini, Pasta alla Norma to Chicken Cacciatore to homemade focaccia, Ricotta & amaretti tart to grapefruit & thyme tart. I made little tea & poem giveaway bags in the theme of the evening. 20 enthusiastic & chatty women for a long overdue birthday party - I hope they had a blast! 
Thanks for the opportunity! It was so much fun!