Halloween - The real story

 Halloween - When I was growing up it was not celebrated at all over here. In my perfect little 'Gilmore girls' world, we would go to the pumkin field, pick out the perfect pumpkin, go home, drink a glass of wine and start carving, while making pumpkin soup with what we scooped out of it. Light them at the front door, while feeling so proud of our art. Then bake Halloween muffins with spiderwebs on them, before going to the Halloween evening in the village, in a home made costume, walk home, warm up with pumpkin soup while watching a good old horror movie, while kids come buy to have their buckets filled with candy.

Now, the real story, we did go to the pumkin field last week and picked out our pumpkins. The field was so muddy after a big rain shower, that we had to almost skate through the field, the kid refused to take one step in the mud (although she had Hello Kitty wellies and everything & mommy made the wise decision of putting her in a white pullover) and we had some problems getting the car out of the mud. We did carve the pumpkins, but I think I speak for all of us, that we won't win the world's coolest pumkin contest with them, but we did have fun!.
We went to the Halloween evening, where you could see clearly  that we don't really get it. We make every holiday into a drinking bash with different decoration & bad costumes. We went home to see no horror movie and no kids came by to trick or treat, so I had to eat the candy, which was not a good idea after the terrible sick week I've had where I ate next to nothing. 
(hence the silence on blog & fb page)
Oh yes, and also, because I got sick, no home made scary costume, I only had a green bat in my hair and the kid even refused to put her green bat in her hair. I swear, this girl.
But hooray for spider web chocolate fudge muffins!

All in all, not an episode of the gilmore girls - but real life.
But real life is so much more unpredictable & interesting! Maybe.