PicNic by The 3L Syndrome

 This Sunday we hosted our very first picnic at the local park where we live. Parklife organizes events & workshops in the park every Sunday of August to get people to reclaim the city and do things together in public areas.
We put together a picnic lunch with 7 different elements: vegetable crisps as an appetizer; cold salmorejo 'Spanish tomato (with real peeled tomatoes) soup with bread, garlic and lots of olive oil; a sandwich with homemade sundried tomatospread, barbecued (with love) marinated chicken, grilled yellow bell peppers, red onion, rocket salad and green pesto; Israeli couscous salad with smoked paprika, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and baby spinach; a fruitsalad with watermelon & blueberries: a brownie and homemade lemon-ade.
We borrowed some wooden apple crates from a local apple orchard to put everything in - and we got sponsored by cleanpicnic.nl for the 100% recycled picnic blankets / trash bag - which made it so easy to keep the park clean after everything was in the tummy. Perfect solution!
We had such an amazing day yesterday and also the organizing went well, so I am looking forward to the next edition! Hope you will join us again!
Thank you!

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