Is this the way to Amarillo?

We continued on the central part of the mother road and stopped for the night in Amarillo, Texas
Amarillo is a bit of a rough city on first sight, but we did have a good time there and we had the best burger at a burger joint where we would not have ended up if it wasn't for tripadvisor. The Coyote Bluff café had so much charm and authencity. This is why we are doing this, to find places like this!

 A roadside attraction of route 66 at Amarillo is of course Cadillac Ranch. 10 cadillacs burried in the ground as an art installation and since people can spray paint them,
Olivia found her inner-Banksy and sprayed away on the old cars.

  You cannot drive by Amarillo and not eat at The Big Texan Steak Ranch.
They challenge you to eat a 2 kg steak with all the side dishes within 60 minutes and then it's on them! The world record holder there did it in 4 minutes, and she was a girl and a very fit one! That's crazy. We decided to go with normal steaks, we're not crazy.

We also made a trip to the second biggest canyon in the USA, Palo Duro state park.
It was wonderful to hike a little, the kid loved it and the landscape was truly breathtaking.
Impossible to show on camera.

New Mexico, here we come...


  1. Wauw! Looks like an amazing trip!! :-)

  2. We did nearly the same trip last year. It was great!

    1. Wonderful journey. Beautiful colors and atmosphere. How long was your trip? How much miles per day? What budget should we consider per day?