Olivia's Wishlist (4 years old)

Olivia is turning 4 next month and I thought it was time to make a list of the things she always puts on her 'list' when she sees something in the store. She is very interested in the world map (since her godmother went to Africa and we are going to America, she always asks me to show it on the world map), still Frozen obsessed, she likes to be creative, to read books with her dad and me before bed, play with little toys and invent little stories, she loves to takes pictures, to help us cook (so I love these knives I put on the list) and she wants a watch, but as she cannot read the time yet and has no real concept of time, I thought this special watch would do the trick. This is also her first real year at school, so I am wondering if we should already start the kids parties or wait another year? 

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