Mid winter brunch at the cabin (and you can join us!)

This weekend we went with our friends to a cabin in the Ardennes to chill, eat and enjoy each other's company. It is becoming a tradition. 
There I got the inspiration for a nice mid-winter brunch on the terrace.
After the success of our first pop-up brunch we organised last week, I was eager to get started on the next one and I think this mid-winter theme could be a real Sunday feast.
What do u think?
Coffee or
Infusion with rosemary, ginger, lemon and thyme, 
A glass of Orange juice
A glass of Bubbles
Celeriac and parsnip soup with walnut pistou
Winter salad & dressing
Bagel with egg florentine or bagel with copa, rucola and a poached egg
Greek yoghurt, homemade chocolate chip granola and fruit of the season
Bread, butter, jam and cold cuts/selected cheeses
Speculoos french toast
white chocolate and ginger cookies to end

And now for those of you who would like to join us!

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