I discovered something.

I really am a control freak. This wedding we are organizing is a 100% handmade wedding - and sometimes I think: Damn, we should have done this in a venue where you only have to choose the color of the napkins and show up on the day, but I know that that would not make us happy.
Every detail is handpicked by us, every fork, every piece of decoration, every drink, every word, every detail... I can tell you it is a lot of work.
Before I started with the planning, I thought, oh I am going to buy a dress on the internet, I am only gonna wear it once anyway, but before you know it - you are standing in the bridal store, fitting all these expensive dresses and you ask yourself: How did I get from 'a 150€ dress from the internet' to here? And that it just 1 example. You start focusing on details that you would never give another thought otherwise like 'ooh, this glass is not thin enough'. And then you have to stop yourself and say: The only thing that matters is that you are getting married to the one you love.
It is also an emotional ride already beforehand: When I listen to the songs we have chosen for the ceremony, I cry. When I was answering the questions about our love to put together the ceremony, I cried. When writing my vows, I cried. 
I think my makeup girl better does my eyeliner with permanent marker, because otherwise I am going to look like a panda!
This week has been all about the fun things: my bachelorette evening, the tasting of the food, a zen-moment with a facial, getting my wedding dress, trying the make up, having my hair touched up, getting the most beautiful heart flowers made by the kids in Olivia's class.
It's been a good week! 
11 days to go!

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