Count your blessings

As things will become hectic over here very soon with family coming and of course a wedding. I thought it would be a good idea to take a moment for us and have ourselves a merry little christmas. 
I made some homemade stove-top holiday pot-pourri to get the holiday scent going in the house and we started our day with griddle pan waffles (a Jamie recipe), which turned out great with hot chocolate. Olivia loved them too! 
After breakfast we opened our presents and my wonderful husband got me the best presents and matching sneakers for the kid & me! 
We look too cool!
Some last minute Christmas shopping and some drinks with friends at the christmas market made it a perfect afternoon. We went home to put the bird in the oven (we made the gravy, stuffing and Christmas butter already on Saturday) (recipe) and we prepared our bed for the night in the living room in front of the television - a 3L christmas tradition. Olivia jumped on it like a crazy puppy, she was so happy that she could sleep downstairs and with us. For her it was an extra special night (and a Christmas movie marathon), although our living room looked like a camp site! We had a 'toteman' breakfast (local Christmas bread) after our camp night.
I love creating family traditions for us - so she will remember the holidays as a happy and cozy time. And I think it is working, she is singing Jingle Bells all the time.
In this crazy world, I count my blessings. Every single day.

And so this is Xmas (war is over)
For weak and for strong (if you want it)
For rich and the poor ones (war is over)
The world is so wrong (if you want it)
And so happy Xmas (war is over)
For black and for white (if you want it)
For yellow and red ones (war is over)
Let's stop all the fight (now)

A very Merry Xmas
And a Happy New year
Let's hope it is a good one
Without any fear
(John Lennon)
-Sadly, the song never grows old-

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