Evening walks

I love evening walks. I always try to get my love to go for a walk together in the evenings. It is healthy, it clears the mind and gives the opportunity to disconnect for a little while and talk about our day, share worries or funny stories. An easy family evening ritual, after dinner time. Life is about these little moments. They do us good.
 I'm taking a little (blogging) summer break and will be back in a few weeks with more stories about our life. So please check back in, if you want to follow!
Have a good weekend!

Amy Amy Amy

Photo credit: Bryan Adams

Amy, I just love Amy. I don't think that there has been one day since 2007 that I haven't listened to one of her songs. The albums have been in my car non-stop. They dragged me through some bad times, they have helped through some bad times in the past and they accompany me now on my life path. They have become a part of me.
 I will feel forever grateful that she existed and made some genius songs. 
Her lyrics are so real, so to the point and so genuine. 
This picture is my all time favourite of her. 

Lolo and I went to see the documentary Amy last week on an outside patio. There were so many people and before the movie started there was so much noise, but once the movie started, there was this haunting silence, everybody was into it, as if it was a suspense movie. But it wasn't. It was the sad story of a young girl haunted by herself, bad choices, drugs and alcohol and to make matters even worse, the worst entourage you could have in the form of her father and her lovers (in my humble opinion).
Beforehand I was sure I was going to cry, but I just had a very uneasy, sad feeling that lingered for a while. The documentary was really captivating & amazing, without leaning to sensationalism, as it is also a celebration of her talent and the vibrant person she was aside from her problems.

Tour de France

It was like The Tour de France was following us this year. First it passed in our hometown, then it passed in the village where Lolo's mother lives and then it started in Lolo's birth town. We only went to watch it in the village, but it was the first time I ever saw the Tour de France circus coming in. The caravan of publicity vehicles was fun to see. They throw giveaways, mostly for the kids I would think. I swear I almost punched some people (grandmothers mostly) in the crowd, doing everything to get the goodie, leaving nobody unharmed in their goal to get that giveaway. They were really aggressive. Unbelievable. It is also unbelievable how fast these cyclist drive by.
They are back out of the village before you have time to blink.

The Garden of the Lazy/ Le Jardin de la Paresse

My man and I had a date during our holidays in France (mostly to go to the wedding, but we took advantage of the opportunity to spend some time, just the 2 of us. A romantic Bed&Breakfast, a beautiful swimming pool overlooking the valley, doing silly in the water and just enjoying each others company and the day was perfect to us. 
I'm happy we still sneak away sometimes just to be together, even though we have a kid now.
The woman of the B&B even made us French toast in the morning. Yum.

Le mariage

This weekend we went to a very special wedding in the Lot-et-Garonne department in the South West of France. My friend Maaike (with whom I studied) married the woman of her life at her family's domain Peyrot. This was such a special wedding - The ceremony took place under the trees in the presence of all their loved ones. I don't think anybody kept it dry during the speeches of their closest family and friends. Their love is so intense and visible, so beautiful to see (they were also very beautiful to see). After the ceremony we dried our happy tears and had a champagne apero and al fresco dinner in the garden. I even went for a swim in between the first and the main course, everything was so laid back and full of love. I know I may sound like a hippie with all my 'One Love' talk, but that was really the feeling of the evening. 
After the sun had set, some fire animation, the party started in the barn... 
Thanks for a lovely time and inviting us to share this moment together. 
Have a happy life together, girlies!