Amy Amy Amy

Photo credit: Bryan Adams

Amy, I just love Amy. I don't think that there has been one day since 2007 that I haven't listened to one of her songs. The albums have been in my car non-stop. They dragged me through some bad times, they have helped through some bad times in the past and they accompany me now on my life path. They have become a part of me.
 I will feel forever grateful that she existed and made some genius songs. 
Her lyrics are so real, so to the point and so genuine. 
This picture is my all time favourite of her. 

Lolo and I went to see the documentary Amy last week on an outside patio. There were so many people and before the movie started there was so much noise, but once the movie started, there was this haunting silence, everybody was into it, as if it was a suspense movie. But it wasn't. It was the sad story of a young girl haunted by herself, bad choices, drugs and alcohol and to make matters even worse, the worst entourage you could have in the form of her father and her lovers (in my humble opinion).
Beforehand I was sure I was going to cry, but I just had a very uneasy, sad feeling that lingered for a while. The documentary was really captivating & amazing, without leaning to sensationalism, as it is also a celebration of her talent and the vibrant person she was aside from her problems.

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