Abanico Hispanico

Wednesday the kid and I went to a craft workshop to make Spanish fans. These workshops are called 'play & grow' and it teaches something about another culture, while the kids get creative, dance on new music and learn a few words in another language. I really love that idea. As our household is bilingual and we already see the advantages of learning another language early on, I really like to expose her to new things and cultures. So we danced on some salsa, learned the secret language of the 'abanico' (you can say I'm single or married, yes or no and even I love you with discrete movements of the fan), made our own fan and hit the pinata until all the sweets fell out.
Sometimes I make the mistake in thinking that Olivia is still too young and does not pick up everything. But when we got home and she was still doing the dance routine, making 'i love you' movements with the abanico, and saying 'un, dos, tres', I have to admit it was a fun & useful afternoon.

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