Food, fun & Friends

That's how you can describe our weekend. Saturday we decided to go have lunch at the Barrio Cantina food truck festival in Gent and stroll around a bit after lunch. Nothing exciting to be discovered but still, we love some good street food. 
(If you are wondering what the black line is, across Olivia's eyebrows - it is her impression of Cara Delevingne, made with my mascara - don't ask)

Sunday we went for a swim in our local pool. It had been a while but Olivia still felt confident in the water. I can't wait for her to learn to swim.(These pictures were taken with the GoPro, so a bit blurry and they are stills from videos we made in the water)

After our swim, there was a litte fun park set up across the street, so Olivia went jumping for about 45 minutes, screaming 'encore, encore'!

 My good friend CJ invited us for Sunday dinner, and of course we take every chance to see their little bumblebee and enjoy Boo's cooking.


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