A girls Brunch

Last Sunday I met my friend Laura and her sweet little girl for brunch in Brussels. I think it was the first time since we had babies that we met up without our hubbies. Go figure.
Don't get me wrong, it is also very fun when we all meet up, because that is our life now and we love it, but it was fun for a change to be just the girls (not petti she was on a daddy-daughter biking date) and talk and do something we used to do when we were younger, like go for lunch in Brussels.
We decided to go check out Henri & Agnes at the Chelton hotel in the European quarter. They offer a Sunday brunch with healthy very tasty salads, good bread, good yoghurt, eggs and homemade sweets. They do not call it 'Atelier de production de bonnes choses' for nothing. As an extra bonus they have a very nice rooftop terrace with views on the city.

Asian Night Fever

Saturday evening we hosted a dinner party and I wanted to do it a little different because I know that my friend likes Vietnamese food and we felt inspired by all the flavours and colors of the east (and also by watching The Hairy Bikers' Asian Adventure, so funny). We decided on 3 little starter dishes. We made homemade fish cakes with beautiful salmon, pollack and oven baked potatoes, home made dim sums filled with pork mince, cilantro, chili, garlic and fish sauce & a sashimi of pollack with granny smith apple, green beans and a syrup of wasabi & lime.
For main we had pork belly with a herby glace and an aubergine mango soba noodles salad.
All this accompanied by a few Thai imported beers.
Dessert was very light, a pineapple carpaccio with mint & coconut blossom sugar.

 When we were young Sven and I had lots of fun watching the Eurovision Song Contest together and this Saturday this also happened to be on television. So after dinner we jumped into the sofa and did some oldschool commenting on all the songs and outfits. We really had a good time on Saturday! He still cannot make a straight face for the photo! Some things never change! Luckily!

Pure Sea

Last Friday my wonderful hubbie took me to Pure C in Cadzand as an early birthday present. We dropped the kiddie at school, went for a latte and made our way to the coast. We walked on the beach with our toes in the sand and then went off to lunch. We really had the best lunch, everything was as it should be. We sat in a nice booth, just the two of us. It was so good, romantic and fun to have some quality time with my man. The food was perfect - original, fresh and so beautiful. Very impressed.
 Thank you for the fun date day!


For mother's day (two weeks ago) I took my mum on a girlie afternoon with styling advise, make up, bubbles and a photoshoot at Lily - Life's Little Luxuries in Mechelen. We had a good time trying on new clothes, getting our make up done, drinking some bubbles and having our picture taken. Olivia also went with us, but refused to put on a nice dress, or be in any of the pictures. The little diva.
She owes me a Mother's Day Mum & Me photoshoot one day.
It is cool to have these pictures and make them part of our story.