Little weekend delights

Weekends are little celebrations of being together, so what better way to show that than with some good food. We started off the weekend on Friday evening with
 Pork Tenderloin with Fourme d'Ambert, porcini and parsley mashed potatoes
 (Recipe inspired by here)
After a good night's sleep we kicked off the day with some 
Crispy breakfast cups with bacon and an egg
(Recipe inspired by here)
 Sometime you just crave a light healthy lunch, especially when you have a family party (with lots of cake) to go to in the evening. I decided this salad would be just right. 
And I think it is a winner.
We added pear to the original recipe.
Shaved fennel salad with zucchini & feta
(Recipe inspired by here)
 Sunday morning we had a tasty & late breakfast with a pear walnut yoghurt, scrambled eggs & bacon and a
lemon, ricotta, basil & honey bruschetta
(Recipe inspired by here)
 After a full afternoon of running around at the indoor playground - we opted for some comfort food (comfort - because the weekend has come to an end) and made the
Ultimate Swedish meatballs with Belgian fries
(Recipe inspired by here)
 So, and that wraps up our weekend food, hope you enjoyed it and I hope you had some tasty food too this weekend. Have a happy week!

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