Silence and Noise

 Do you have that too that sometimes your mind is full of plans, ideas, creativity but you don't seem to be able to put all of your thoughts on paper because it is such a chaos in your head? I do have that and it drives me crazy, because on other occasions when I want to think more deeply about some things, nothing comes, it's like a blank paper - a sort of writers' block in my brain.
It is black or white with me : full of energy, ideas, plans, goals or ... nothing at all. I cannot seem to find the 'juste milieu', the perfect balance between excitement & ambition and just plain numb-ness.

I was trying to write a post about 2015 resolutions and things I want to do this year, but I have been so uninspired the last few weeks that I cannot even find the words and if I cannot even find the words, how will I ever put the words into action.

When we were in the Pyrenees last week I took some walks around the village by myself, just trying to orden my thoughts and to think about crucial life questions as 'where do I see myself professionally in 5 years (because the question of 'what do I wanna do with my life' is just too scary). And the same thing happened - one day I had like 20.000 ideas popping up in my head and by the time i got back to the house, I could not get myself to orden them.

I don't know why I do this - maybe I am the Master Procrastinator.
It is just not easy to find your place in this world.