Turkey & Bingo

That's how I would describe our Christmas dinner. We chose a traditional style menu with Christmas turkey. We first made a home made chicken stock from scratch - no maggi cubes for Christmas to serve as a base for the gravy. Then we made a cranberry sauce with orange and thyme. The orange really added an extra layer to the cranberries and it tasted really good.
We made roasted potatoes (roasted in a mixture of olive oil, butter, shallot and bacon) and green beans wrapped in bacon as side dishes.
And of course the bird - a 3 kilo turkey that we stuffed with a mixture of minced pork, carrots, a clementine and onions, seasoned with rosemary and sage.
We finished off the gravy with the turkey drippings, yum!
Then it was time for the presents, I am so happy with the presents my parents and my love got me and I think everybody else was also very happy with their presents.
For dessert, we had vanilla cake with ice cream & berries.
and then we played some Christmas bingo and my dad won!
After my parents left, we camped out in the living room, watched some Christmas cartoons and when the baby was sleeping, we watched some Christmas movies. (no, I'll be honest, Lolo watched 1 and fell asleep and I watched a few more)
That's how I like my Christmas eve!