4 hours in Antwerp

Monday we both had a day off, and after a weekend spent indoors for Olivia's potty training (more on that later), we decided to go on a quick lunch & shop trip to Antwerp. Antwerp is always a good idea.

We went for lunch at Burgers & Booze, a gourmet burger place with a very nice interior and very good burgers. We tried The Notorious P.I.G (egg, cheese, bacon, the whole thing) with some skin-on home made wedges, a jacked potato and some cole slaw. A very enjoyable lunch it was.

 After lunch and a walk to the Kammenstraat, I wanted to check out a new concept foodstore (yes, again) HNGRY . The concept is simple: the store is organized by meal options rather than by type of ingredient. This ensures boiling inspiration and makes it much easier to shop, because 1. you know what you want to prepare 2. the ingredients are right under your nose 3. it's already packed in the exact quantity you need for two. Very convenient for a busy life, and healthy cooking! It's just a pity that you have to buy for 2, because it is also a good concept for single people, I think. I would try it if I were single and living in Antwerp of course. 

 I also wanted to pay a quick visit to the H&M total concept store & Other Stories. I really like their collection, you can find everything there: lingerie, clothes, accesories, shoes, beauty products. I sure will come back here once after the sales.

 A little indulgence at La Duree, 4 heavenly macarons all for myself.
 And a last stop at the coffee bar Kaffeenini for some black goodness. 
The end of a happy afternoon.