Pumpkin fields forever

Yesterday the girl and I took a trip to the pumpkin farm. I have never seen so many pumpkins in one place. To be honest, the kid was not very impressed - she did not want to wear her boots and that's all she could care about. Little girls, I tell you...they really challenge your patience. So I enjoyed the pumpkins on my own.  Trying to get to terms with the fact that the dark and rainy days are coming, but I think that's why pumpkins are so bright and orange - to lighten up the day. And to make beautiful pumpkin soup. And to carve scary faces.
Hmmm, autumn just got better.

Ibiza Delights

We just took a short break to the charming island of Ibiza. Of course we did not go to party in the clubs (they were already closed for the winter anyways), but to enjoy some much needed sun, sea and chilling before we really dive into the autumn/winter. I am not sure how to describe the island itself, because we did not experience the famous party part - so I think we did not get the full picture, but other than that, it is really green, with beautiful nature, quiet in off season, with amazing deserted bays, loungy beach clubs, crystal clear water and blue skies. But it does have a different vibe to it than other islands I visited - people getting together to watch the sunset, cocktails in hand. Chill out restaurants on secluded beaches with great music, but in a way I expected it somewhat more posh, because the first impression of the party area at the beach seemed a little 'Costa whatever' to me with bad booze & bad food, not hip & trendy. While cruising around, we did find some hidden gems in very remote places, but most of them are only open until end of September. Maybe I am a little more attracted to the hippie history of the island - going back to the early '60s when artisans, painters and designers flocked to the island to experience its unique atmosphere, light and freedom of expression, or in other words: freedom & love in Eivissa!


A little weekend in Rotterdam

Life is good when once in a while you can do something spontaneous, so very last minute we decided to book a hotel and go on a little trip to Rotterdam. The whole way over there it rained but once we arrived at the hotel the sky cleared up, the sun came out and we were ready to start exploring this new-to-us city. First we went to the Katendrecht area where we had a drink at Posse and went to the Fenix Food Factory, an honest food market in an old warehouse, we walked back to the centre by the Iconic Hotel New York, and the Holland - Amerika lijn, the place where people left by boat to find their luck in New York. After we did some speed shopping in the centre, before the shops closed for the evening. We had dinner at 'Uit je Eigen Stad' (From your own city), an urban farm, restaurant and social entreprise that encourages people to deal consciously with our food (again) as consumers and producers. After a good night rest we went to see the new Markthal (brand new) and the cubic houses, which are very weird. The basic idea for the houses - to build on columns so that the space under the buildings can remain public - was inspired by Le Corbusier. After we went to 'Ontbijtbar', a collaboration project of Rotterdam’s best breakfast (ingredient) suppliers and had very yummie American style blueberry pancakes, An English full bfst and homemade granola.
See you soon Rotterdam, because we haven't seen everything yet!