Ibiza Delights

We just took a short break to the charming island of Ibiza. Of course we did not go to party in the clubs (they were already closed for the winter anyways), but to enjoy some much needed sun, sea and chilling before we really dive into the autumn/winter. I am not sure how to describe the island itself, because we did not experience the famous party part - so I think we did not get the full picture, but other than that, it is really green, with beautiful nature, quiet in off season, with amazing deserted bays, loungy beach clubs, crystal clear water and blue skies. But it does have a different vibe to it than other islands I visited - people getting together to watch the sunset, cocktails in hand. Chill out restaurants on secluded beaches with great music, but in a way I expected it somewhat more posh, because the first impression of the party area at the beach seemed a little 'Costa whatever' to me with bad booze & bad food, not hip & trendy. While cruising around, we did find some hidden gems in very remote places, but most of them are only open until end of September. Maybe I am a little more attracted to the hippie history of the island - going back to the early '60s when artisans, painters and designers flocked to the island to experience its unique atmosphere, light and freedom of expression, or in other words: freedom & love in Eivissa!