As sweet as it gets

Sunday afternoon we went on a quick trip to Brussels to go and see the Michaël Borremans exhibition in the BOZAR, the centre of fine arts and I was really deeply intrigued by his paintings. I was not really familiar with his work, so it was a meaningful discovery. I had won these tickets through an online competition of the Hotel Bloom and I am really happy we took the time to go and see it (it was the last day of the expo, so lots of people). Sunday is also the best day to visit Brussels in my opinion, there are no traffic jams, you can see the pace of life of its inhabitants in their local hangouts. It all seems a little less grey and depressing, or maybe that was just because the sun was shining. We also had tickets for another expo 'Where we're at: other voices on gender' that tries to give us an outlook on gender, sexuality and self-representation in other cultures. There were some pictures there that really caught my attention because they were so out of our stereo -type thinking. Of course when you go to a museum with a toddler, you have to go to the different rooms a little faster and you have less time to read all the poems and watch the video's, since she was running around like a crazy person, but maybe somewhere in her head we can trigger a little interest for the arts and culture.