A Holi-Day en Andalucia

A typical day on these holidays. Just enjoying the simple things, each other, food, views, quality time, beautiful Spain.
Far on our mountain, far from every day life.
Can we stay please?

09:00 Breakfast with mollete (bread), local cheese, cold cuts and tomate (blended tomatoes, garlic and olive oil), a typical Spanish desayuno
 10:00 Morning Swim
 11:00 Trip to the lake (the one from the view) - so beautiful and no one there

 12:00 A stroll in one of the many pueblos blancos, white villages (This one is Grazalema)

 14:00 Lunch and siesta
 17:00 Pool Time

 19:00 Time to prepare the Apero

 20:00 BBQ Dinner
 21:00 An evening stroll in the village down the hill and some playground time for Olivia
 22:00 Sunset and bedtime for the baby -